Musical pleasure gardens

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Musical pleasure gardens -  
Baroque Dinner and dance music celebrating culture of the time.

Kölner Violen-Consort (Cologne consort of viols)

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Baroque Dinner and dance music celebrating culture of the time.
In the Baroque era there was a great variety of entertainment a middle-class and courtly festivities. The extensive collections of music and prints from this period refer to the need for musical entertainment and dance music for domestic and representative events in small and medium-sized rooms, even in garden pavillions and gardens. Paintings and etchings in musical literature and on the title pages of sheet music of the 17th and 18th centuries bear witness to the "joie de vivre" and the celebratory culture of the age. People had music made, people made music themselves, people enjoyed themselves.
This CD contains a bouquet of music for the viol da gamba by composers from Germany, Italy, England and France.  

Cologne consort of viols (KÖLNER VIOLEN-CONSORT)
Four musicians joined together to form a quartet and have been celebrating the best in music ever since. Although complicated and harmonically intricate, the four confessed professionals nevertheless perform the very newest and of course the "old music" gallantly and at the same time with a high degree of virtuosity. The quartett's official debut was in summer 1970. The musicians process a high treasure of musical abilities wich unfold uniquely in this Consort line-up.
The Cologne consort of viols (KÖLNER VIOLEN-CONSORT) thrills it's audients with playful ease on original instruments in concerts and publishes recordings. The musicians thereby transform the musical literature of the Rennaissance and the Baroque era into pure musical enjoyment.   

Heiner Spicker · Eva Heydasch ·
Marieluise Becker · Lutz Heiwolt

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